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    企业名称: Techpoint
    参展范围: 视频监控,元器件
    展品信息:HD-TVI 2.0
    展馆号: 1
    展位号: 1C28
    联系地址: 深圳福田车公庙盛唐大厦西座2709
    公司电话: 755-23619296
    E-mail: sxu@techpointinc.com
    公司网站: http://www.techpointinc.com

    Techpoint Inc. is a privately held design, sales, and marketing firm of integrated circuits for high definition video applied toward the video surveillance and video broadcasting market segments.Techpoint's products are currently in use by many of the premiere video surveillance manufacturers today.
    We are a privately held fabless semiconductor company developing proprietary high definition video connectivity technology targeting high definition video surveillance systems and broadcast video systems. Techpoint aims to address the growing needs of the next generation high definition video markets. With design centers at multiple US locations, as well as office in China, Korea, and Japan, Techpoint has achieved cutting edge technology in our target markets. This has enabled us to quickly establish strong market shares in the HD video surveillance space. To date, Techpoint has designed in and shipped our products into the top 30 video surveillance manufacturers worldwide.

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    Email:sxu@techpointinc.com  QQ:
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