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    Huvitech Co., Ltd.

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    Huvitech Co., Ltd.

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    主体身份:参展商    类型:安防展
    到期时间:2015/11/6 6:07:10

    ○ 企业简介

    Huvitech Co., Ltd.

    企业名称: Huvitech Co., Ltd.
    参展范围: 视频监控
    展馆号: 6
    展位号: 6C67
    公司电话: +82-32-623-8267
    E-mail: sales@huvitech.com
    公司网站: http://

    Huvitech is committed to the development of HUman VIsion TECHnology in order to achieve a harmonic connection between society and safety.
    Huvitech Co., Ltd. has concentrated on visual communication systems. We have been manufacturing and exporting vision systems such as Rear View Camera/Monitor/DVR Systems, Security Systems, Medical Systems and Industrial Systems to many countries. Most of our products are registered in design and patented based with its unique and advanced high technology.
    Our employees at HUVITECH have a technical division organized with experts who have worked for over 8 years and have much experience in this field, has continually strive to produce good quality\\\\\\\'s goods.
    We promise that we are always enthusiastically working hard to provide customer satisfaction and earning customers’ loyalty through distinguished design, outstanding quality, customer support and relentless innovation with global-minded management.

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    Email:sales@huvitech.com  QQ:
    会员: 发布时间:2015/11/6 6:07:10
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