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    企业名称: SECMAN SRL
    参展范围: 视频监控,公共广播
    展品信息:leading trade publication
    展馆号: 6号馆 二楼平台
    展位号: 6237
    联系地址: Via Montegani 23
    公司电话: +39 02 36757931
    E-mail: redazione@securindex.com
    公司网站: http://securindex.com

    Secman is an Italian publishing house in the physical security sector. Its magazine, Essecome, has been on the market for over thirty years and is acknowledged as one of Italy\'s leading trade publications in this industry. It is published every two months and sent to roughly 6000 relevant players on the security scene: security installers, security managers within banks, retail chains, public and private companies. The contents are subdivided into different thematic sections - News, Technologies, Goods, Money, Safety, Security Services - and contain in-depth features, interviews, white papers and case histories requiring or deserving a more detailed analysis with respect to the concise information provided by web publications.
    Secman of course also keeps in touch with the market using e-media, exploiting their flexibility to provide timely and updated news to its readers. Securindex.com, one of the first portals dedicated to physical security, enjoys a considerable readership for a specialized website. The Securindex newsletter is sent out twice a week to a large community of professionals (data base includes over 10.000 names; the newsletter enjoys a high opening rate).
    Secman does not only publish printed and web media, packed with useful and updated content for the physical security business community, but also organises and takes active part in events, seminars, forums and round tables, providing opportunities for its clients to meet their business partners in a professional setting. Such events as Sicurezza trade show in Milan, CP Expo in Genoa, and other events in Italy and abroad regularly see Secman and its publications involved as primary media partners.
    Companies using Essecome and related media to reach their clients include most market leaders in the different segments of the security industry, and in many cases the relationship between these Companies and the medias in Secman\'s portfolio have been going on for decades. If you would like to find out more about the reasons behind such fruitful and lasting business relationships please contact us: marketingsecurindex.com

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    电话:+39 02 367
    Email:redazione@securindex.com  QQ:
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